Cloud Bookstores for Schools

  • Branded School Site

    Xlibrio will be customized with your institution’s logo and will present school-specific books to the students, teachers, and, when applicable, parents.

    Greater Publisher Reach

    Xlibrio will have all publisher content under one platform. Students don’t need to worry about learning or signing in to different platforms for each publisher.

    Revenue Generation

    Xlibrio will provide profit sharing for each school through its branded school virtual bookstore - use it to fund opportunities such as scholarships, school improvements, etc.

  • Access Anywhere

    Read your books on your computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device.


    Rent your books. Your Xlibrio eBooks can save you up to 40% over traditional print books.

    Enhanced Experience

    Highlight, take notes and access enriched resources such as videos and links directly from your eBook

  • eBook

    Xlibrio is a next-generation eBook platform with enhanced capabilities for learning.


    Students can buy books from the leaders in publishing using flexible purchase options via PayPal or local currency and can start reading right away.


    Students can see and organize all their eBooks in one place.

Book Resources

Access relevant videos, websites, notes, flashcards and more!

Notes Manager

Organize and navigate bookmarks, notes and highlights quickly and easily.

Table of Contents

Navigate your eBook by jumping to specific sections of the text.


Find keywords in eBook pages as well as in your notes, highlights, bookmarks and figures.

Print Fidelity

View the original PDF version of the eBook page you’re on.


Print anything you want to out of the eBook, including images and embedded content up to the Digital Rights Management limit.

Bookshelf for iOS

Read your eBook anytime, anywhere on your iPad and iPhone. You can download your eBook offline and sync across all your devices.

Bookshelf for Android

Take full advantage of your eBook on the go with tablet and smartphone-ready apps for Android-enabled devices.

LMS Integration

Xlibrio’s platform can be easily and cost-effectively integrated into your school’s cloud-based LMS.


Take full advantage of your Xlibrio’s Bookshelf features directly through your school’s LMS.

Xlibrio is looking for local publishers from each country for partnerships.
If you are interested, please email

If your school and faculty has homegrown content, Xlibrio would like
to talk to you about how we can help you monetize it.

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